LED’s – More than general lighting

stated LED’s have exploded into the media and government spotlight in recent years and yet the majority of this attention is focussed upon LED’s use in general lighting applications. The aim of this article is to highlight the various uses for LED’s in areas other than general lighting. Don’t get us wrong the use of LED’s in lighting is of great importance due to the environmental, maintenance and cosmetic benefits they allow. This is a large market which companies such as Phillips are well equipped to handle. The other, less obvious uses of LED technology is one which smaller companies are able to excel in.

To give you some examples LED technology is well positioned to be exploited in areas such as life sciences, military applications and digital display. The functionality which LED technology allows in these areas means that many products can be developed which are totally new to market. LED technology can be developed to analyse biological fluids, for endoscopy, for photodynamic therapy, for flight simulation, for detection of military devices, for metrology and much more. It is development into these market areas in the coming years which will highlight the true potential of LED technology.