Cymtec transfers knowledge to a younger generation

Cymtec are currently participating in the Jobs Growth Wales Scheme which enables a 16-24 year old person to be employed for 6 months free of charge, funded by the Welsh Government.

Robert Bellhouse started with Cymtec on the 12th of November and will gain experience in electronics, optics, mechanics, assembly production and sales and marketing. This will ensure that Robert is able to gain experience in multiple areas which will further his skills and knowledge base.

Cymtec felt drawn to this scheme as it allows us to train a young person in the exciting field of Optoelectronics. Passing on this knowledge is important as it is people like Robert who could become the next generation of innovative thinkers in the Optoelectronics field.

With the ever increasing importance of the Optoelectronics industry on the economy and the environment this is surely something which absolutely has to be passed on to the younger generation.