Company History

Cymtec Limited was formed in 2007 by Ron Yandle with the aim of developing LED Multiplexer technology in various markets and growing the business from a start up to a high growth firm.

Ron began selling optoelectronic products while forming alliances with large multi-national companies to develop new to market products for these companies. When these collaborative projects began to take off employees were brought on board who were chosen due to their motivation, passion and skills. As such Cymtecs employee base has grown rapidly since 2010.

Cymtec continues to work with collaborative partners and customers in order to develop products which have never before been created and which provide exceptional advantages in comparison to other products currently on the market. As such Cymtec aims to enable customers to grow and become market leaders as well as ensuring the continued growth of Cymtec itself.

Cymtec welcomes enquiries and we hope that we can become part of your present and your future.