Welcome to Cymtec, a market leader in LED products

Cymtec specialises in LED Multiplexer, Light Engine and Light Pipe technology. We are able to develop solutions to customers problems working together with them from conception and design right through to the development of commercial, market ready products.

Cymtecs core management team comprises of high calibre professionals who have many years of experience in the Optoelectronics industry. Further the team has immense experience in manufacturing process and procedures and as such are able to ensure that suitable process/product quality is maintained (ISO 9001 certification).

The key inventions and products that have been developed by the team include optical switches, dispersionless interleavers, low noise stable blue lasers as well as narrow linewidth metrology lasers.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can work closely with customers and solve their problems with commercially relevant solutions that may or may not lead to intellectual property. We are a team of experienced problem solvers who realise that cost is a key driver alongside quality and delivery reliability.

In the main our in-depth experience in optics/lasers/mechanics/electronics/software and manufacturing will enable our customers to move forward efficiently in their respective markets and receive high quality product/services in a timely manner, at the right price.

A Message from our CEO

"Our latest product is the NeoLite LED Multiplexer. The performance of NeoLite is unparalleled within the Optoelectronic World."

"The NeoLite LED Multiplexer module is an innovative, compact, efficient multi wavelength LED combiner for optically restrictive devices. Our LED Multiplexer has multiple applications including that for commercial, medical and military projects."

                                                                                                                                    - Ron Yandle, CEO Cymtec Ltd